Walking The Road of Faith

Do you ever walk away from a situation and wish you had said something?  Wondering why you didn’t say what was in your heart or mind?  Wondering what you were so afraid of?  

We are all afraid of rejection.  It’s probably the most common fear we all share. The feeling of being wrong, not good enough, or maybe we were just too prideful. But, if for a moment  we stopped to think if we had just open our mouth how that moment might have changed our life, salvaged a relationship,  or got us a job? 

We all want good for ourselves, and usually the only thing stopping us is a fear of the unknown.  When we drive down a road that we have never been on we have faith that we are going to safely end up where we are suppose to be.   We should fearlessly walk through our lives the same way. We don’t always have to know the outcome, we only have to believe that we will be okay and end up exactly where we should be. 

Are you walking the road in faith???

Love and blessings in divine order, 


Song of the day : “Faith”  - George Michael 

CD “Faith”