Vibe Magazine Review – Andrew Simon

Unafraid to open up about sexual fantasy, the R&B seductress asserts her dedication to her man over smooth grooves.

 Soul Music Magazine - by Justin Kantor

- Stacye’s voice glides with sophisticated sultriness on the sassy, down-tempo opener “Let the Music Play”; while her delivery drips with seduction on the tropical-tinged “With You.” One of the set’s most surprising moments comes in the form of “Hard to Say Goobye,” which has all the makings of a classic, soulful pop ballad.   Read more

 Soul Tracks - by Gabriel rich  

- Stacye oozes a sensuality that’s sultry as well as sexy.With her sensuous coos and sultry melody.  Read more 

Media Search - by Carmine Pascizzi 

- Her heartfelt songs are a beautiful blend of R&B and soul and she commands attention by her soothing delivery and the gorgeous rhythms. Read more 

Indie- - by Ben Daniels 

- Branche's music is a combination of R&B, soul, and jazz, with a fair amount of pop thrown in for good measure. It comes at you from familiar territory without sounding like a jumbled amalgam of different styles, but she’s also got a really fresh sound that will catch your ear and not let go you.   Read More

Phase 9 Magazine - by EDF

- As Branche has her own smooth style, the songs have a sincerity that is missing from most of the mainstream acts. Read more. 

  RNB Grooves 

- Branche' delivers a very intimate and velvet toned seductive treat for the eyes and ears in this one.