Living The American Dream

From the day we’re born there is someone telling us the dream we should hold for our life. You go to school, go to college, you find a mate, and you marry, buy a house that hopefully has a white picket fence, and have 2.5 children. Whether these plans suit us or not the people in our life wait for us to complete this list. We are constantly asked why are we single, when are we getting married, and when will we be having children as though there couldn’t possible be another course of action. The unfortunate thing is that the effort to achieve and maintain this so called dream can in many cases be the cause of stress and unhappiness.

Never in the course of all this planning are we asked or do we even consider what we what or what would make us happy. The thing is that happiness is different for everyone. For some the standard American Dream might be a dream come true, but for others it might very well be a nightmare.

Only you can know what will make you happy and the road that you need to take to find and achieve your happiness. It’s not about the dream you have been sold, or trying to keeping up with “The Jones’s”, but finding those things that bring joy to your life whether anyone around you understands them or not.

Are you living your own American Dream or someone else’s ???

Love and blessings in divine order,

Song o the day: “Expression” - Salt-N-Pepa
CD: Blacks' Magic