Working From The Inside Out


As the year changes from one to the next we each sit and think of all the things that we are not happy with and all the things that we feel we need to change, but no matter what we think is not right in our lives we have to start with ourselves. 


How we feel and how we see the world whether we realize it or not starts with how we treat and feel about ourselves. Everything in our lives starts with how we honor or don’t honor our body temple.

Before you concentrate on all the eternal things that you feel need fixing in your life why not start with the most important thing – you. When you are honoring yourself by eating healthy, getting enough sleep, and exercising all the other things that seem to bother you will start to work themselves out.

We all attempt to be super human, but the only way to truly be super human is to honor and love yourself enough that you will be equipped to be apart of all the things that you feel you need to be apart of. When you are healthy you think better, and you handle things better.Prevention is always your best doctor.

So, make a promise to yourself that you will honor and love yourself by trying to live healthier, and I promise everything else will work itself out. Because, anything that you want to change in your life first start with you and within you.

What are the healthy changes that you want to make?

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

Love and blessings in divine order,

Song of the day: Life Is Good - Jo Dee Messina
Cd: Delicious Surprise