Worth Staying The Road

Why is it so easy to walk away from what we say we love? Why do we let pride get in the way of what we say we desire to only be unhappy with the choice that we have made?

In the past I have walked away from a relationship because of my pride, and occasionally too many friends or my up-bring in my ears to only look back and want to kick myself for not trying harder, and not fighting for what mattered to me. Then I realized what was going on in the relationship wasn't bothering me, but people who weren't in the relationship. People constantly giving an opinion base upon their own upbringing, or negative experiences.

We live in a different time. This is not the time of "Father Knows Best” or “The Brady Bunch”. Men and women have very different rolls in the world, and relationships are no longer simple to define. What worked year ago doesn't necessarily work today, and it’s important that we adjust if we want To have successful relationships of any kind.

We all fall victim to involving others in our relationships when looking for answers. We ask our friends and family the important questions instead of asking ourselves or the person we are in the relationship with. If you are grown enough to be in a relationship, then you should be grown enough to say what you need to say to who you need to say it to, and ask the questions that you need to ask without fear. Two important things to remember - 1. You shouldn't be in a relationship with anyone that you are afraid to talk to. 2. No one can have a opinion about your relationship, but you and the person that your are in it with.

The greatest moment in my life was the day I realized what was really important to me, and I chose to take responsibility for my life, my mistakes, and my heart. I was willing to stand up for what I wanted no matter what the outcome, because I couldn't go through my life wondering “what if?”. I stood up for what I wanted and the outcome was more amazing than I could have expected. From that moment on I have fearlessly moved forward never looking back, and never being afraid to express my feelings.I learned that I didn’t need to listen to the outside voices but needed open communication with the one person that I needed to talk to , and other peoples opinions didn’t matter about what mattered to me.

Our dreams, our desires, our loves are all worth staying the road.

Are you on your road??

Song of the Day: “Living With You”  Chante Moore. Kenny Lattimore
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