Check Your Baggage

We all have a past, our journey of experiences and events good and bad that have help to make up who we are, our back story and our personal baggage. The thing about baggage is that we all have it, but we all carry it around differently. Some of us choose to carry more of it than others, and some people travel light. It’s usually the more negative of our baggage that we choose to display proudly for the world to see. We allow the negative baggage to continuously affect our life personally and professionally, which leads to more baggage.

The thing is we have all had some unfortunate thing happen to us. None of us is the first nor will any of us  be the last person that something we consider unpleasant is going to happen to. And, it’s unfair for us to tote our baggage around continuously expecting everyone in our life to be a Bellmen. The worst thing about baggage is that as we continuously collect it, and collect it. We sometimes have collected so much baggage that we don’t realize how it is affecting our relationships, and how it has begun taking up so much room that it is crowding people out of our life.

Without challenges there cannot be growth. Experiences are just that - experiences. No matter how unpleasant, uncomfortable or negative any experience may seem if you can open your heart and mind to finding the blessings and the lessons that the experience has brought to your life you will be able to continue on your journey with a much lighter load and more room for the good experiences life has to offer.

Is your baggage in the way???

Love and blessings in divine order,


Song of the day: “ Bag Lady” - Erykah Badu

CD: Mama’s Gun