The Fear of Falling In Love

The funny thing about life is that most of us don’t live it, we fear it. We fear being vulnerable, being seen as weak, and making mistakes. We fear loving someone else, and being hurt. We fear the future and the what if’s? But, how can you live if you never have experiences. We worry too much about things that haven’t happened instead of experiencing and enjoying the right now. 

This fear that we have trickles into every aspect of our lives, but where fear rears it’s ugly head the most is in our relationships. Most people don’t believe that true love exist, but that is because in most cases they haven’t learned to truly love themselves. Without love of self how can a person be expected to know how to love someone else? Then there are the people that believe in Love, but don’t believe it can happen for them, not because they don’t know how to love themselves, but because they are afraid to open up and love another. There are only a small number of people that believe in love, know how to show their love,  and are in loving relationships. 

So, here it is. Fear is the only real obstacle in life that stands between you and what you desire. The trick to having the relationship you desire is to not anticipate and fear all the sometimes seemingly negative emotional experiences that you think can happen, but to stay in a loving state with yourself and in a loving state about that which your desire. 

There are many reasons why we fear relationships, but the source of our fear comes from our own bad choices, or our trying to force a relationship that may not be right for us. It could be someone is not emotionally available, we look for a relationship with someone who doesn’t want to be in a relationship , we don’t want to let go when a relationship is over, or we insist on trying to change someone to fit what we want them to be. None of these are good situations, but they are the ones that most people find themselves in and they are the situations that discourage and make people fear relationships. 

Never fear love.  Love who you are and stay open that you will find someone who will love you for all that you are. 

Do you love fearlessly??

Love and blessings in divine order,


Song of the day: “Don't Be Afraid”- Aaron Hall

CD “The Truth”