In Search of Love

We all desire that magical feeling called love.The average person can’t actually describe love, and yet we all desire what we imagine it to be. 

Instead of starting with ourselves to find our happiness and the love we desire most people search outside of ourselves expecting someone else to show them their worth, and give their lives meaning. What many people forget is that to first find the love they desire all starts with them loving themselves, so they can understanding what it is they are really in search of. 

A relationship should enhance your life, not be your life. The mistake that people make is letting their loneliness and need for companionship get in the way of finding the best relationship for them. There are many people that don’t know or don’t take the time to figure out what it is they need and want from a relationship, but instead go into a relationship trying to make it what they think it should be. Along the way they never take into account what the other person wants and needs, or what the other person thinks a relationship should be. 

The search for love has to start with you. It’s about you loving you, and knowing what you need and what in your life and in your relationships. It’s about finding the person that has the same or similar needs, wants and values that you do, and not expecting someone to change to fit what your perception of a relationship should be. 

The pot of gold is always at the end of the rainbow. The reason most people can’t find it is because in most cases they are just too lazy to do the work it will take to get there. 

Are you being honest in your search for love???

Love and blessings in divine order, 


Song: “Here We Go Again” Angie Stone

CD: The Art of Love & War