Take Your Bags To The Curb

We all have a past or baggage if you will,  but it is important to remember that the things that have happened in our past are experiences for us to grow from and to make us stronger. The things that have happened are not who we are or who we have to be. Nothing that has happened to any ofus was meant to hold us back or bring us down.  Too many times we allow our past experiences of all kinds to weigh us down so badly that we allow them to cloud our judgement, make bad decisions, and prevent us from moving forward.

So many times things don’t go as we would like them to, or when we are unable to live up to someones expectations of us we allow that to weight on us. We then dig into our “bags of the past” and pull out an excuse on why things are not going right for us, or why we can’t do something in the present. We hold onto and collect this baggage like it in someway it is going to protect us, when really what it’s doing is blocking our blessings.  In most cases we are not allowing ourselves to live, we are not allowing ourselves to grow, and most importantly in many cases we are not allowing ourselves to love ourselves or others. 

Experiences are just that, experiences. You take what you need and you discard the rest. The good you hold onto to get you through the difficult times, and the unpleasant experiences you take the lesson learned and you move on.  You don’t allow any experience to stop you from living in the present or in the future, but most of all you don’t allow your past to stop you from being your best you for you in the present.    

Are you taking your baggage out to the curb? 

Love and blessings in divine order, 


Song of The day : “Bag Lady” - Erykah Badu

CD : Mama’s Gun