Here Comes The Sun

In every life there will be hills and valleys. Without the valleys we couldn’t learn, grow or appreciate the hills. Without the hills we wouldn’t know joy or appreciate what we learned in the valley. 

For different reasons any of us can be in the valley at any time in our life. The amount of time that we stay in the valley will depend on our attitude towards and our willingness to learn the lesson or lessons we have to learn in the valley. If we choose to be depressed and not be proactive about taking a long look at our life and the things that we might need to change than it can take longer to climb back up that hill to the Sunshine. When we can find appreciation for the difficult times that we are experiencing and begin to make the necessary changes in our life the tide can turn in our life over night, and we can once again stand on the hill in the Sun. 

The changes that we need to make in our life could be mental, and we might need to change the way that we are looking at things which effects how we deal with them, or the changes could be emotional, because we are holding onto a negative feeling about a person or event that we need to let go of. No matter what the changes are that you need to make in your life you must believe that the lows you have experienced were for your greater good, and without finding appreciation for the lesson getting back up that hill can be a long hard process. Remember nothing negative or what you view as negative is forever unless you choose for it to be.

Without the lows we would never grow,  and surely never appreciate the highs. 

Love and blessings in divine order, 


Song of the day : “Here Comes the Sun” - George Harrison