"Passion and Possessions”

A house 

A car 

A watch 

A ring

These are things that are bought.  They are things that we own. 


The heart



These are things that are felt, and shared. 

It is an honor to be in a relationship. It is a privilege to have someone to love and care about, who loves and cares about us in return. Yet, we treat our relationships like something that we have bought; like something that we own.  We are selfish with our relationships, and we take them for granted. 

A person and their feelings are not possessions.  We do not own the person we are in a relationship with.  We are sharing our lives, feelings, and an experience.  

We must learn to show our relationships the honor and respect they deserve.  We must remember we are dealing with another person, not homes, cars, watches or rings. Just as we have feelings that we want acknowledged, considered, and gently handled, so does the person or persons  (keeping it real) that we are in a relationship with. 

Are you separating your passions and possessions ???

Love and blessings in divine order,