I Am A Tree

I am young and fragile, but I know with nourishment (love, kindness, and compassion)

I will grow big, tall and strong. 

It is important that as I grow I am protected from the elements. (hate, fear, and danger) so that my growth is not stalled in anyway. 

I know I am growing in every second, every minute, in every hour of every day. 

Even though I cannot see it, I know I am always growing. 

As I grow I will be ever changing. (appearance, weight, emotionally, spiritually)

I will lose some of my leaves (family, friends, habits) that will be replaced by new leaves. 

I will be ever changing and growing into the beautiful tree that has been planted, nourished, and loved by God. 

Are you  loving the tree that  you are ??? 

Love and blessings in divine  order , 

Stacye Branché 

Song of the day:    Get It Together India.Arie

CD of the day:   Voyage to India    India Arie

From the book “It’s All in How You Look At It (thoughts and questions about life) “