Finding Your Way In Love

Many times when we are in relationships  we  find that we have lost our own way. We become so engrossed in pleasing the other person that we forget the things that matter to us personally. And, then one day we wake up and we find that we are unhappy. We’re still in love were just not happy. Were not happy because somewhere along the way we got lost in our relationship. We got lost being in love taking care of kids, taking care of a home, having a job, and those things that brought us joy seemed nonexistent.

It’s very important in any relationship to never lose sight of yourself. No matter what title you hold mother, father, sister, brother, friend, or lover you can never lose sight of who you are and what matters to you. We are all individuals with our own journey and goals, and it’s really important to never lose sight of those things. Because the minute you do it opens the door for depression to set in. You become so focused on what everyone else wants you begin to feel as though you're not good enough, or what you’re doing is not good enough, and that shouldn’t be. 

We are each here with a purpose. We each have a journey that is ours and ours alone. Lessons to learn and experiences to have. It is always important no matter what your situation to never lose sight of what brings you joy and what brings you happiness whether you make money at it or not. If someone is a musician whether they make money at it or not they never stopped loving music so it’s important that they continue to have music in their life. And that’s the same for anyone no matter what it is that brings them joy and makes them feel good whatever their passion is it is always important to have your passion, and you should be able to incorporate your passion into your life no matter what it is you do.

No matter what your relationship you should never lose sight of what is important to you and makes you feel good. Anyone that loves you loves you for the individual you are not the carbon copy you might be trying to be. Remember when two people come together they are still two people they don’t become one. They are two people sharing a journey.

Are you finding your way in love ? 

Love and blessings in divine order, 


Song of a day: “Me, Myself & I”  - Beyonce 

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