What Did You Give Today?

As you walked through your day what did you give? As you made your way on your usual path did you at least give a smile to those you came in contact with or did you   hold your head down?  Did you wear a frown or did you turn your head and move about as though no one else exist? 

While at work did you give your all and more, or did you give just enough to get by? As you spoke to your family and friends were you loving, kind, considerate and giving or were you complaining, selfish, and having a “Pity Party” with the entire trimmings? 

As you moved through your day. Were you the best that you could be? There is a saying “You get what you give”. So, if you were not loving, kind, considerate, caring or pleasant why would you expect to get that from someone else? If you are sitting around complaining having your own non-stop “Pity Party” why would you expect anyone to want to be in your company?

We sometimes want so much from others but give so little in return. Then we act as though we don’t understand why our lives are the way they are.  It starts with you. To quote Michael Jackson “I’m starting with  the man in the mirror”. 

So, I start my day being thankful and grateful for all of the blessings in my life, and continue my day giving thanks. I acknowledge everyone I come in contact with. I smile at everyone whether they smile back or not because I have that to give, and I don’t need their permission to be happy.    You see I give love, kindness, and consideration because those are the things that I want in return. 

What did you give today?

Love and blessings in divine order, 


Song of the Day: Love's In Need Of Love Today - Stevie Wonder