Through The Fire

We all go through a time in our life that we can't imagine how or if we are going to make it. And,  it seems that the doors that we thought will be open to us with help, support, and encouragement are closed. The pain, the stress, the heartbreak can take their tool, and the light that we have heard is at the end of the tunnel seems like an old wives tale. 

It’s in that lowest of times that you must hold onto your faith. You must belief that the experience that you are having is just that, an experience. It’s not who you are or how you will continue to be.  It is only a moment in time for you to learn and grow from. It is in that time that you must continue to find things in your life to be grateful for. It is that gratitude that will help you to  move through the fire.

Just when you think you can take no more your life or circumstances can turn around in a moment with one action, a conversation, or a phone call. So, when things seem impossible know that they aren't. There is a sliver lining on every cloud. It’s okay to have a sad or angry moment we're only human. ☺ But,  know whatever the low that you will make it through the fire. 

Love and blessings in divine order, 


Song of the day:   "Through The Fire" - Chaka Khan

CD of The day:  "I Feel For You"  - Chaka Khan