Missed Opportunities

There are times when we don’t say the things we need to say especially in matters of the heart, because of pride, fear, or not wanting the other person to think we’re  weak.  The most common words we don’t say are  “I love you” and “I’m sorry”, but there are many other things that we let go unsaid. They are words that we don’t realize might be important for the other person or people in our lives to hear. They are the words that maybe need to be said for the positive growth of a relationship or the words a person needs to hear so they can let go and move on. 

The unfortunate thing about the words that we don’t say is that sometimes it’s too late to say them and nothing we say can change the situation. Either because too much time has passed  or we never get the opportunity to say them.  Either way it is something that can  haunt us forever. Fear and pride can be so much more damaging then we realize until it’s too late.

 As the saying goes “There is no time like the present”. So,  why not  seize the opportunity? Say  what needs to be said. It doesn’t matter if the other person feels the same way that you do or not. What matters is that they know how you feel, and at least from your end you never have to wonder  what if I had said this or that because you did. 

Are you missing opportunities???

Love and blessings in divine order, 


Song of the day: “ When Will I See You Smile Again?” - Bell Biv DeVoe

CD of the day: “Poison” – Bell Biv DeVoe