Wishing Well

Many times there is someone around whose life is moving in a positive and upward direction. We should be happy for their success, but unfortunately the first reaction we have is one of anger and jealously. Then we ask ourself why are things going well for them and not for us or why are they getting something and we’re not?

Instead of being happy for the other person or celebrating in their joy many times there is someone who will cast negative energy towards the other person which ranges from wanting their success to stop, to the persons complete failure. In some cases they allow their jealously to lower them to doing whatever they can think of to not only stop the other persons success, but even hurting them emotionally and/or physically. 

The truth is you can only have what is yours, and what you put out into the world whether it is negative words or actions will be is exactly what you are going to get in return - a whole bunch of negative. 

We each have a path that is our own. What is for one person is not for, nor by any means will it be for, or work the same for another person. Instead of being jealous of someone else’s life you should wish everyone well on his or her life journey, and focus on the journey that is yours. If everyone were to put their energy into their own journey instead of worrying about what someone else has or is doing as well as being happy for other people when things go well for them all that extra positive energy being put out into the world would be a step towards helping everyone reach their goals and obtain the life they desire much faster. In other words you have to put out into the world for others the energy that you want for yourself.

Are you wasting your time worrying about someone else’s life, or are you spending your time making your own dreams come true?

Love and blessings in divine order,


Song of the day: “Thank You” - MaryMary

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