Rose-Colored Glasses

Hard as we may try we each are guilty of wearing rose-colored glasses with someone in our life. There are signs, there are hint’s, and yet we allow our fantasy of who we want to think someone is, to cloud our judgment to who they really are.

It’s very easy for us to want what we want, or want someone to be what we want them to be. This usually comes from something lacking in our own life and we look to this other person to fulfill this desire that we have. It’s usually in romantic relationships that we put our rose-colored glasses on the most. Because of our desire to have our storybook relationship or just a relationship we choose not to see someone who they really are. We will turn a blind eye to something even though there are red flags popping up all around us.

The thing is that no matter what it is we want in our life, we cannot just make someone be what we want. It would be wonderful if we could find that perfect person to fulfill our needs. And, yes the relationship we desire is possible, but many times we are far too inpatient to wait for what’s truly right for us. Instead we try to make the situation we’re in be the situation we want, even when we know it’s the situation we don’t need. We will tell ourselves all kinds of lies to make our story sound like the greatest love story ever told. When in actuality, we know we are really preparing ourselves for our worst nightmare. We are just hoping that we might be wrong. Hoping that if we love someone enough they will become what we want. We try to convince ourselves, that if we believe in our dream enough that our dream and our fairytale relationshipwill come true.

It’s always important to see people for who they really are, as well as what they are and are not capable of doing to us and for us. When we can see people as they really are we are never disappointed, and we are less likely to have our feelings hurt. We can never want a relationship so badly that we sacrifice ourselves trying to achieve it. Because, the outcome of realizing that the toad is really just a toad, and not a prince or princess waiting to be kissed, is always far more painful and harder to get over, than if we had just waited patiently for what was right for us. 

Are you seeing things clearly or wearing rose-coloredglasses? 

 Love and blessings in divine order, 


 Song of the day : Rose-Colored Glasses- Kelly Rowland

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