Making Lemonade

As I move through my life, I am always shocked at those moments that happen so unexpectedly. When you land in the place you least expected or meet someone that you know, just knowing them will make a difference in your life. In the past few days I have been able to look at my life, and see that, that is exactly what was happening to me. 

I realized that I had landed somewhere happily that I could not have imagined I would be 2 years ago, and met people along the way that have or I know will have an impact on my life, and all I can be is grateful.  Grateful that all though it was not the path I had seen for myself I couldn’t be happier to be on it. 

I am okay with the things that I don’t have, that I thought I would.  I am okay with the plans that fell through. All because I am grateful for all that I do have. It may not be the plan I saw for myself, but it is the one I am living. As I say for every lemon I am handed it just helps me make a better pitcher of lemonade. 

Are you making lemonade with your lemons???

Love and Blessings in divine order ,