The Little Voice

We each have a compass that guides us through life. It is that little voice, our gut, or instinct that leads us forward. We each have that something that is just for us and our own road to getting there. If you listen carefully that voice always leads you in the right direction for you. That voice will lead you on your perfect path, to your perfect destiny.

The thing about this voice is that we all have one, but we don’t all chose to listen to it. Our heart speaks and yet we will sometimes not listen because of fear or impatience. But, the real mistake that we make is in our trying to do what we think is the right thing, or we try to do what we think will expedite getting us what we think we want or need.  

The truth is we don’t always know what is right for us, or what will help us best to get where we want to go. Many times we get in our own way slowing down our progress, because we are so busy trying to force a situations instead of allowing things to move as they should. Sometimes things are moving slowly because there are lessons to be learned, or a situation that needs to be avoided or completed. But, learning to be patient can be the true key to our success.

Always listen to that little voice. It is there for you and you alone, to help you navigate these sometimes difficult waters of life. You are never alone because God has got you, and if you listen closely you will always hear the words you need to hear, and you will always be on your right road. 

Remember, fear and faith cannot occupy the same space.

Love and blessings in divine order,