People often ask me how can I be so positive. The truth is – it is a choice I’ve made. I, like everyone else have things that go on in my day and in my life that I would prefer not happen, but I realize that everything happens for a reason. Everything that happens to me, just like for everyone else, whether pleasant or uncomfortable, I believe is to aid me in my personal growth.

At the time I’m going through something, I know no matter how challenging it may be that it is something that I must go through. When I look back on the situation, I know that the reason for the experience, and the lessons learned will be clear to me. I recently had a day where choices needed to be made. I woke up at my usual time, I looked at the clock, and for whatever reason, I just didn’t want to get up. I didn’t know why, I just didn’t want to. So, I went back to sleep. An hour later I woke up, said my daily affirmations, got dressed, made my way to the kitchen to have my breakfast, and then I made my way back to my room and back to bed. There was an issue in my life that had been on my mind, and on that morning that issue was winning. That doesn’t happen to me very often, but on that day it did. Yes, I was having a moment of defeat, and I didn’t feel like facing the day.

I laid in the bed for about fifteen minutes, and then I made the choice to change my day. There was no way I was going to let anything wear me down for long, let alone a whole day. Because, I believe that to every problem there is a solution and that with every challenge there will always be a lesson and a blessing. I knew if got out of my own way I could see the answer, and learn the lesson I was meant to learn.

My solution was to get myself up out of that bed, get dressed and give my problem to God. I got to my workout with a smile on my face. I spoke to everyone I came in contact with. I went through my day giving thanks for all that I had, but most of all giving thanks that the challenge in my life was handled.

You see, the shift in attitude is a choice. I could have stayed in that bed all day, and there was nothing stopping me accept my desire to have better. Throughout my life friends would often wonder how I could let things roll off my back so easily, and my response to them then as it is today is that I know I will be okay, and that all that happens in my life is for my good, because I know God’s got me.

If happiness is what you desire. You have to remember that happiness is a choice.

Are you choosing to be happy?

Love and blessings in divine order,


Song of the day: “Happy” - Pharrell Williams

From the book “It’s All In How You Look At It(thoughts and questions about love and relationships)