First, I Must Love Myself

There are many things people desire, but on the top of most people’s lists is Love. We all want love and companionship, but how can we expect someone to want to be with or around us if we don’t even want to be around ourselves? 

I think self-love first comes from knowing who you are, and being comfortable with who we are. The most important thing is knowing that you are the best that you can be for yourself. No matter what shape, size, or color, you are the best you can be, and you understand that you don’t need anyone in your life that you have to be different for.

I think sometimes we try to fool ourselves. We try to be something we’re not because we’re lonesome or we want to fit in. So, we try to impress someone else thinking that it will make them want to be around us, using our words, actions, and sometimes gifts. But, worse some people will settle for someone that they have nothing in common with, or someone who is abusive to them either verbally or physically because they can’t face being alone, and they believe that something is better than nothing.  They are too lazy or too impatient to wait for who and what is right for them.

I have dated men that no one in my life could understand why I did not choose to continue a relationship with. It was because I knew who I was, and what I really needed from a relationship.  I could see that in the long run, neither of us would really be happy. We would just not be alone. I couldn’t see being in a relationship that was in no way going to enrich either of our lives, and I hold that rule be it love, friends, or family.  If someone doesnot in some way enrich your life, then you have to make room for people who will. Because, at the end of the day, life is about being happy on the journey, even if that journey is spent alone.

In loving and knowing myself it is easier for me to know what and who I truly desire in my life, and always have room for those people and things.

Are you loving yourself?
Love and blessings in divine order,

From the book “It’s All In How You Look At It (thoughts and questions about love and relationships)”