Finding Life's Filling Station

Many people walk through their lives trying to find happiness, but yet they do many things and surround themselves with people that don’t aid them in their quest. So, if the goal is to be happy, then why don’t people put themselves in more situations that could possibly bring them the happiness they desire?

I believe that our purpose on this Earth is to be happy, and bring happiness to others. But, somehow many of us end up walking the path that we think we should walk, instead of the path that’s best for us. In turn, this detour usually takes us far from happiness. People chase money and status only to find out that once we have reached the desired plateau that happiness doesn’t live there. No matter how hard you try, all the money in the world isn’t going to fill that void. If you are doing all the things that you were taught and told you should do, and you still feel unsatisfied and empty, then you are not doing what you should be doing–the thing or things that you are passionate about that you were meant to do.

True happiness is an inside job. You can’t find it looking outside of yourself because your happiness starts with you knowing and loving who you are. When you know and love yourself, then the true journey begins. You are able to bring the people and things into your life that will further aid you in your happiness.  When you feel good about you and the life you’re living, and you will be in a continuous state of filling yourself up with love. When you are doing the things you enjoy and surrounding yourself with people that you enjoy, you feel good, look good, and you are able to give the love you feel back to the world.

Are you filling yourself up with love?

Love and blessings in divine order, 

Song of the day: “Living In Truth” - Stacye Branché

From the book: “It’s All In How You Look At It(thoughts and questions about love and relationships)”