Falling In

I know more people unhappy with the relationship they’re in, than happy. So, it made me wonder why. I realize that part the problem was the lack of people knowing themselves, the fear of being alone, the lack of them knowing what was important to them for themselves, and in a relationship. Plain and simple there is a lack of true compatibility. 

It’s easy to fall into a relationship without knowing why you're there. You go on one, two, three or four dates, and before you know it you're in relationship. Then you start to notice that you aren't feeling those feelings you've heard about, those feelings that people in love are suppose to feel. You’re not sure if you ever had those feelings, and you start to think well, this is all there is. This is all that a relationship must be–two people together, and being with someone is better then being with no one at all. You start to think that those bells and whistles, rockets and butterflies you’ve heard about, must only be in the movies. 

I realized that most of the unhappiness that people experience in life and in relationship comes from them not being honest with themselves about who they are, and what is important to them. Most people aren’t taught to think about these things before they enter into a relationship. Most people are taught to look for the more superficial things that in turn usually leave them leaving unfulfilled. But, if they were to take a moment to think about whatwas important to them in a relationship, mentally, spiritually and physically they could find the relationship that makes them feel all of the things that they hope to feel.

For some, the situation they’re in may not be easy to fix or end, but for those who are looking, maybe if they were to stop and figure these things out before the enter a relationship or before things go to far in a new relationship there would be a few more happy relationships. 

Do you know what you have fallen into?

Love and Blessings in divine order, 


Song of The Day: "When I Find You Love" - Jean Carne