In The Face of Lies

Each of us knows someone or we ourselves are a person who fears the truth. The truth whether pretty or not, seems to be the hardest thing for many to express or accept. Because, we fear how the truth will be received, and the possible aftermath.

The truth, whether you consider it good or bad, in the long run is always best, and in time will always be revealed. Many times we fear the reaction to what might be considered an unpleasant truth, but the truth no matter how painful it may be is never as hurtful or as damaging as telling a lie. A person might be upset about an unpleasant truth in the short term, but they will always be more upset about the lie. Once a lie has been revealed as a lie, trust can be a hard thing to regain. Sometimes the evidence of a lie can create more havoc, than a painful truth ever could. 

You have to remember that no situation is ever bad, it’s just different than what we might have wanted, but more importantly it is an opportunity to learn and grow from. It is a situation that you will move past, and it’s always nicer to move into the future with grace, then to always have to worry about the past, and the truth catching up with you. 

Are you brave enough to face the truth or do you live waiting for the truth to catch up to you?

Love and blessings in divine order, 


Song of the day: “Time Will Reveal” - DeBarge