The First Five Minutes

Most of us meet people and after about a fifteen-minute conversation we quickly invite them into our lives. Be it for friendship or an intimate relationship, all because we were able to find a couple of things in common with them. There is that something about them that makes us want to know more. 

Sometimes somewhere down the line, we lose interest in this new relationship because there wasn’t enough in common, or we see a side of them that we hadn’t seen or chose not to see before. We see something that displeases us, and we begin saying things like “I never saw that quality in them”, or  “I would have never thought they would behave like that.”

Now, if you look back on when you first met this person, there were signs of who they were, or there was an off feeling that you had that you chose to ignore. You wanted to believe this person was who they appeared to be, and that they should be in your life. 

The truth is, when we first meet someone regardless of who they want us to think they are, they will always show bits of their true self. If we listen and watch carefully the truth is never as undercover as they think it is. The signs of who a person is can be heard in their words and seen in their actions, as well as seen in their wardrobe, home, office, and even their car without them even knowing it.  

We each are always in some way telling or showing the truth about ourselves whether we are trying to hide it or not. It’s all about paying attention in that first five minutes. So, remember you can never overlook the words and actions that don’t sit well with you. 

Are you paying attention to the first five minutes?

Love and blessings in divine order,