The Wounded Heart

The heart beats strongly and loves deeply, but it is fragile. It can so easily be wounded and bruised. Sometimes, we go into relationships that nourish us, heal us, and enrich our lives. There are other times when we go into relationships hoping that they will nourish and heal us, and yet we come away feeling more depleted and wounded than when we went in. 

What I have found important to remember is that in those relationships that have hurt you, that cause you to feel wounded and depleted in reality aregiving you greater gifts than you could have imagined. You have been given the gift of knowledge and experience, which are irreplaceable and incredibly invaluable. Without realizing it you are stronger. Because, when you look back at those moments when you thought you couldn’t go on, and look at yourself in the present, you can see that you not only made it through the experience, but you are stronger andbetter off for the experience. 

Are you appreciating your wounds?

Love and blessings in divine order, 


Song of the day:  “You Better Not Hurt Me” – Carol Riddick