The Taker

We each know someone, or we may be the person who never offers, never extends himself or herself, never invites, and usually won’t think to help someone else –“The Taker.” 

I am always fascinated with the person who continues to take in some form or another fooling themselves into thinking that they are getting something for nothing, or that they are in some way getting over on someone. The truth is that nothing in life is ever really free, and at the end of the day, we all pay in one way or another. 

Generosity is learned, but more importantly generosity is what continues the cycle for each of us to receive. When you give–you always in some way receive. The biggest thing that “The Taker” fails to understand is how their behavior is affecting their life. “The Taker is usually the person that in most cases things don’t go well for, and they don’t realize it’s because they are not making deposits into the karmic bank.

We are each here at this time to learn from each other and to help one another other. There are those that mistake kindness for weakness, but really what they are doing is missing the opportunity to learn generosity of heart and being apart of someone else’s tithings, but in addition by in not doingfor or giving to others they stop their own receiving. 

It is not about giving to get. It is about giving from the heart without expectation, and knowing that you will always have enough, and you will always get what you need. 

Are you a Taker?

Love and blessings in divine order, 


Song of the day: “ You GotA Friend” - James Taylor