Making New Roads

In life, we seem to think there are rules, but really they are more like guidelines. Things that might have worked for someone else, but may not necessarily work for you.  

I watch as people get so frustrated with themselves because they aren’t on the schedule they have placed on their life, or can’t make their life plans work. They frustrate themselves trying so hard to live up to unreal expectations. Expectations that lead them to feelings of failure, that then lead to feelings of depression. 

The days of“Father Knows Best” have past. We now live in a time of “woman in the office,” “same-sex marriages,” “single-parent households,” “multicultural adoptions,” “stay at home father’s,” and let’s not forget the internet. So, how can we think that we can follow those same old maps without making a couple of new roads of our own?

Life is what you make it, not what someone told you it had to be. So, be easy on yourself. You are a pioneer forging new territory. Yes, there are road maps to guide you, but now and then you have to make a new road, and claim new territory. 

Are you making new roads?

Love and blessings in divine order,