Pay Attention To The Backstory

Many times we end up in relationships and we can’t understand why the other person does or doesn’t do something. We assume that they know better, but what we forget is that we each have a backstory; those events from our past that have helped to shape and mold who we have become. 

We all assume that other people know what we know. Not just how to behave in public or how to use their napkin, but how to treat others, especially the person that they are romantically involved with. Remember we each only know what we were taught. If we witnessed abuse then that might be what we think love is. What most of us were never taught is that with each new person that you bring in to your life you become the student and the teacher.  You have to teach someone how to treat you and you must learn how to treat them. 

As the student it is important that you pay attention in class, because there is always something to learn from and about your new teacher. If you observe carefully they will tell you more about themselves without ever having to open their month. 

As the teacher you have to not only show up as yourself, but you must teach the other person how to treat you. You can’t assume that they know anything, because if they fail a test you are the only one to blame for not supplying your student with all the information needed. 

We always assume that someone knows how to treat us or talk to us, but truth is you can’t know what you’re not told. 

Are you being a good student and a good teacher? 

Love and blessings in divine order, 


Song of the day: “Teachme” - Musiq Soulchild

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