Looking Passed The Fantasy

Most people have their fantasy of what the think their ideal mate should look like, act like, smell like, and taste like, but sometimes we are so busy looking for our idea of perfection that we miss out on the gift. There is nothing wrong with knowing what you want in a mate or might think that you want in a mate.  You can’t get lost in the superficial . You have to be careful to not allow what you think is right for you to get in the way of what might be for your highest good. 

For most people their fantasy consist mainly of the visual, and that is all great for the short term or one night stand, but when you are dealing with having a real relationship the fantasy should be much deeper than that. How someone looks, the kind of job someone has or how much money they make, these are things can that help, but looks and money can be taken away in an instance. The true fantasy or desire should be to have someone in your life that loves and cares about you, someone that treats you well, someone who is thoughtful of your feeling, and someone that you genuinely share interest and beliefs with.

A lot of the of the time two people meet and really hit is off, but because one person might not be wearing the right outfit or shoes, or maybe bites their nail the other person can’t get passed their fantasy to see further into what could be a great connection. Instead they stay floating in the superficial world wondering why they feel empty and can’t find a true connection.

It’s great if our fantasy shows up being everything that we need and want in our life, but if you are still in search of your fantasy or your fantasy has turned out to be a nightmare it might be time to start taking the time to look deeper than the surface. 

Are you able to dig down deep or are you stuck in the superficial?

Love and blessings in divine order,