Blind Love

I was asked the question “If I believed in Blind Love”. The answer is yes.   First and foremost we are one.  We are all born the same way, we all have blood that flows through our veins, and we have the same exact organs in our bodies.  Yes, we are all unique, but we are all the same.  So, I think that not wanting to date out of your race is like only wanting to date someone that is tall and thin. It’s really about what you prefer, and true love has nothing to do with looks.

Do I believe that love can be blind? Yes, I not only believe that love can be blind, but I believe that it should be blind. I think that it is about who your connection is with,  whether they are  black, white, yellow, green, blue, same-sex, or opposite sex. It’s about you finding true love, and looking deeper than the wrapper on the package. 

I think that there would be more happy people in good relationship if they got out of their own way, and stop looking at and for the package that in most cases once they unwrap it might not be at all what they want, but more important might not be what they need.  It’s unfortunate that most people base what they want in a relationship on what others might say or think instead of standing up for what they want and need. That again is about knowing and loving who you are, and being able to stand-up for who your are, and what you believe in no matter what others have to say. 

I believe that if we listen to our heart it can see faster and better than our eye’s 

So tell me is your love blind??

Love and blessings in divine order, 


Song of the day: “Just the Way You Are” -     Billy Joel            

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