The Transformation

When you reach a point where you can take no more, you know a change must come.  When you know the only way to reach your goals a change must come. 

We all at some point in our lives realize that a change has to take place.  When we know that the life that we are living  may not  be the life we want.  It’s easy to settle, too easy make excuses, but we know that a change has to come. The road of change can be difficult, but if it was easy you would have taken the road long ago. 

Along the road you must stay focused, and know that the rewards will be worth the uphill climb.  You may come across obstacles, family and friends that may not be supportive of your improvements, but you can't let them discourage you. You have to keep in mind that your progress maybe a reminder that they are avoiding acting on their own life changes or maybe just their own fear of living. All of which you don't have to accept.  But, don't look down on them. Bless them and pray that they will find the best path for themselves.

Remember the change begins with you. Remember not to let the negativity of others discourage you. You may lose a few so-called friends along the way. But, what you will gain is worth  all that you will go through to get there. 

How bad do you really want change?

Stay positive ☺

Love and blessings in divine order,