If Trust Is The Matter

Many of us whether knowingly or unknowingly allow our past relationships to play a big part in the decision making process of how we meet new people, establish a relationship with a new partner, and in our conduct during a relationship. We deny ourselves and make someone suffer because of the action of another.

Because we many times don’t look at both sides of a situation or we move on from a relationship without finding forgiveness and healing our wounds. We begin building this wall that with every relationship attempt continues to grow. Without doing a little work on yourself, and healing the wounds of the past one day no matter how much you have going for you, you become the last person in the room that anyone wants to get to know, and because of this wall you could find yourself one day waking up alone.

There two very big mistakes that we make in the relationship game. The first is that we forget that it takes two to tango. We not only have to acknowledge our part in the success or failure of the relationship, but we have to find the lesson and the blessings in the experience. The second is that you can’t assume that every man or every woman is going to treat you the same. You can’t generalize and think that all people of a certain group are going to behave or treat you the same way that someone else has treated you. If you go into a relationship believing that things are going to be a certain way, than that is exactly what your words and actions are going to make happen.

The answer: if trust is an issue for you, and you find that you are seeing a displeasing pattern in your relationships it might be time to take a long hard look at your own behavior in the relationships. Instead of placing blame take some responsibility. You need to figure out what is it in you that is attracting the same kind of person, or what is it that you might be doing that is bringing those qualities out in a person. That means that you have to live in the present, heal some of your wounds of your past, and don’t allow your wall to get so high that you can’t see over it.

Do you have trust issues???

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