Love The Hurt Away

Many times when a relationship is over we wonder and wait for when the pain will go away.  What makes the pain linger is our need to not feel the love we have for the other person. We fall victim to the societal myth that if we are not going to be together than we should no longer care about the other person. 

When you have loved, if you were truly in love the love doesn’t end just because the relationship did. If you weren’t in love you wouldn’t feel the pain of the loss The mistake we make when a relationship has ended is trying to forget as though the relationship never happen. The truth is the relationship did happen. It’s a part of not only your life, but all that you are in the present. 

When a relationship has ended to move forward you can’t run from what was. It is about acknowledging all that the relationship was, appreciating the good,  understanding the challenges, and being grateful for the experience.  Like any other experience you’ve had you gained something from it and your relationship is no different. 

Like the old saying “what you resist persists”. Stop fighting your feelings,  stop wanting to forget and start appreciating what was. Be grateful for the bumps and the bruises, the journey and the lessons. You have to be grateful because if nothing else you have grown. You have a been sense of what you want and need from a relationship , and more importantly what you don’t want . 

Healing from a breakup doesn't come from quickly jumping into another relationship or bashing your “Ex”. The healing comes from appreciating every bit of what you experienced, because every bit of what you experienced has made you stronger and wiser for the next relationship

Love and blessings in divine order, 


Song of the day : “Kiss Away The Pain” - Patti LaBelle