Love, Loss and Love Again

Some years ago I was in a relationship. I was very much in love.  The gentleman’s life was cut short by an act of nature. On his birthday I always take a moment to spend a bit of his birthday with him to let him know I love and I miss him. I still hold a place for him in my heart, and I always will. 

Many years have past since the day of his transition, but he is still very much a part of who I am. At the time I couldn’t imagine how I could go on without him.  I couldn’t imagine that I would.  Over time my wounded heart has healed. I have continued living, and I have loved again. 

I believe if you have ever really loved someone then you don’t stop loving them; period.  Because everyone that has been in your life whether you consider it a good or maybe not so good  relationship  has had a part in who you have become.   You not only learned what you want and what you don’t want , But you learn how to love deeper .

I know that some people wonder do I expect other men to measure up to him? The answer is No, not even for one minute because I know that we are all individuals. You can never love two people the same way. Each relationship brings it’s own Joys, challenges, and lessons. 

What I did learn from being in that relationship was what love feels like, and that I would never settle for a relationship that didn’t make me feel good, bring me joy, make me laugh, or feel appreciated. And, I would not be with someone that I could not make feel the same. 

What have you learned from your past loves???

Love and blessings in divine order, 


From the book “It’s All In How You Look at It (thought and questions about life) 

Song of the day: “Never Knew Love Like This” - Alexander O'Neal

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