An Encouraging Word

Just as there are words that can hurt us there are words that can pick us up.  In most cases these are the compliments that we receive from others, but every now and then we need to say or write compliments to ourselves.  

In a perfect world we all would want to feel fabulous every moment of every day, but every now and then we aren’t as happy as we would like to be. When you are not feeling your best it is important that you remind yourself how amazing you are, and  how grateful you are for the people and  things in your life. 

Although we are all taught to not praise ourselves there is nothing wrong with appreciating yourself, loving yourself, and knowing your value.  Because if you don’t love and appreciate yourself how you can expect anyone else to be able to love and appreciate you? 

So, take stock of all that you are, appreciate all that you are, and every now and then instead of waiting for someone else to tell or show you your worth remember it is okay to tell yourself because you are amazing. 

Do you remember to compliment yourself???

Have an amazing week, 

Love and blessings in divine order, 


From the book “It’s All In How You Look at It (thought and questions about life) 

Song of the day: “Little Girl”   -  MaryMary

CD of the day: “Incredible”  - MaryMary