The Blessings

There are many ways that we can look at any situation that doesn’t have a desirable outcome. Many of us go straight to the negative instead of stopping to find, and see the positives in the situation.  In the first moment of any situation that goes in a way different from what we desire we experience fear, disappointment, and/or anger which are completely normal human reactions, but within a moment we can make the same situation a blessing.  

The first thing that we have to remember is that every situation is a moment to learn and grow from.  If we can keep this in mind then it becomes easier to not be upset over things that don’t go as we would like, or at least not be upset as long. So, yes we can have that moment of fear, disappointment and/or anger we just don’t need to sit in it, and hang onto it. 

Just as quickly as an undesirable moment can happen our negative response be quick and over with.  If we hold onto that anger or disappointment, we will continue to manifest more things that bring on that negative feeling, but if we can master finding the blessings in an unpleasant situation we can have the experience and move forward in our joy. 

So, as we move through our days we have to remember nothing is ever really wrong it is just different than we would have wanted. We are simply having a life lesson, but more importantly and opportunity to grow. 

Are you seeing the blessings and learning your lessons???

Love and blessings in divine order, 


Song of the day:  “ God Is Truly Amazing” – Deniece Williams