Time To Let Go

There comes a time when some relationships run their course and it’s time for both parties to go their separate ways. But, for some reason one of the parties can’t seem to move on. Now of course there are times when one or both parties doesn’t really cut the cord, they are still going back and forth with each other, and then they bring new people in there life telling them that their past relationship is over when it actually isn’t. This of course can lead to a mess. 

What I am referring to are the relationships that are truly over but one of the parties won’t let go.  Regardless over being told repeatedly that the relationship is over they continue to call their former partner, and in some cases they stalk them, and even harass the new person in their former partners life.   What is it that happens to a person that make them want to be with someone that no longer wants to be with them, and worst why would someone wants to be with someone who has made even more of a point that the relationship is over by moving onto a new person??

When a relationship is over as painful as it may be the easiest way to move forward is to give thanks for the good time, and know that there are more to come. They will just be with a different person.  There is an old saying  “I want to be where I am celebrated not tolerated”. No one should ever want to be where he or she is no longer appreciated.  We should only want to be where love, respect, and appreciation are in abundance.  Because when a relationship is over there is no amount of calling, stalking or harassing that is going to make a person love and respect you, let alone want to continue a relationship with you. 

Love and blessings in divine order, 


Song of the day: “I've Found Someone Of My Own” -  Free Movement    

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