No More Excuses

We all have a back-story, the things that have happened to us, and the things that yes in many ways make us who we are. No matter what has happened to us we cannot allow our circumstances to be our excuses for not being all that we can be or not doing all that we could be doing.

No ones life is perfect. No ones life is or was like what many of us have seen on television or in the movies. There are many people who have experiences abuse and neglect, but those are just experiences it doesn’t have to be who you are or what you do. Many people feel a need or desire for the love and affection that they didn’t receive, and instead of working to have a life filled with the love and affection that they desire they dwell on the past and make their past there excuse for not working towards the life they desire or possibly their self-destructive behavior. Which in turn really does nothing more but make them more unhappy and in most cases move them further away from what they say they desire. 

Each person has the power to seek out different, or the power to seek out the help to be different from what they have experienced. Happiness for some may take a little more work than for others. The first step to finding happiness is to not look outside yourself for happiness, but in appreciating who you are. Because, as long as you continue to look outside of yourself to find happiness you’ll never find it. Because true happiness starts with self. The second thing is to remember that life is complicated and it takes work. You can’t get caught up judging yourself by and comparing yourself to the things that you’ve seen. You have to find the things that bring you joy and make you comfortable. Sometimes finding happiness means separating yourself from everything that you’ve known to find the things that better suite you.

Are you allowing your past and circumstances to be your excuse??

Love and blessings in divine order, Stacye

Song of the day  : “Be Yourself” - Debra Laws

CD if the day  : Very Special