Starting Over

The funny thing about a relationship that’s supposed to be over is how it seems to linger on. Everything in the worlds says to us it is time to move forward. It’s time to start the next chapter in our life and find a new player or players, but our heart and emotions seem to have trouble moving forward. 

You know that you are always going to love the person you were in a relationship with. You will always have memories and feeling. If you didn't than you never really loved them in the first place.  As my grandfather use to say “your mind is your photo album”,  that is part of growing older. Your mental album grows. So now it’s time to make new memories to put into that album. 

It’s those old memories that make you want to go back to where you know you no longer belong. What you have to remember is you’ve let go of someone, and you’re going to experience feelings of loss. There will be good days and bad days. It’s only natural. Those memories will haunt you and make you miss and want to return to the relationship that was.  What you have to remember is that if things were that good you would still be in that relationship with that person.

You should always be grateful for the the experience. You should never forget those things that made you smile, but even more importantly you should never forget the things that hurt you and made it necessary for you to go your own way. If you know what you need and want from a relationship, than you have to hold out for it. Never give up hope that what you desire for yourself is out there for you. You have to keep a positive attitude and plan for your future and a not let your past get in our way. 

Is it time to start over?

Love and blessings in divine order, 


Song of the day: “Ain’t No Use” – Stevie Wonder

CD of the day: “Fulfillingness' First Finale” – Stevie Wonder