When To Let Go

Why do we hold on so tightly to things when they no longer seem to work? Many times we are in relationships that no longer work for us. We wake up one day and realize that the relationship no longer fits our life or our path for a variety of reasons. Maybe we no longer want to same thing as our partner, our partner has changed, or cheated. So, why does it become so hard to let go? Is it love, is it fear, or could it be low self-esteem on our part?

Plan and simple. "Everything must change, nothing stays the same". No truer words have been spoken. If your relationship no longer works, it could just means that the relationship has run it's course. Maybe you have both gotten from the relationship what you needed, and it is time for you both to move onto the next lesson of your life, or maybe you weren't meant to be together in the first place. But, whatever the reason there is never a good reason to be anywhere where you're unhappy. You can't make someone else be who and what you want them to be. All you can really do is focus on you and what you need at this point in your life. 

We are in a society that has taught us to stay in our homes, in our relationship, and in our jobs until the day we die. Sometimes that works, but sometime it doesn't, and that is okay. It’s okay to want different than what society has told you you should want or have. It doesn't mean you have failed if you can’t make things work the way that you‘ve been taught to. What it means is that you have a good sense of self and you are aware of what does and does not work for you.

Like everything else in life a relationship isn’t necessarily going to last forever. Just because a relationship doesn’t work does not mean that you have failed. We grow, we change and we want different things, and that is okay. Give yourself permission to be happy, because the true goal in life is to be is Happy.

Are you holding on for the wrong reasons??

Love and Blessings in divine order,


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