Closure, what a word. Is any situation ever really over?  There are always the memories, the photos, and the friends that always seem to say remember when??  

I think the pain really comes from the trying so hard to let go and forget. Our believing That because the relationship is over we shouldn’t care anymore. When you live your life without regret you can embrace the people you have loved whether they are in your life any longer or not. You can embrace the memories and experiences for what they are … lessons.  They are lessons that have helped to shape who you have become and who you will be moving forward.

It is silly to think that you won’t hurt . Like any loss you will go through a grieving period. Over time you will feel better and love again. You will find someone who better suits who you have grown into. 

I have loved and lost and  I send nothing but love and well wishes to those I have loved . I wish for their happiness wherever they may be, because I know in wishing them the best I am truly loving them, but more importantly I am loving myself.

Love and blessings in divine order,

Song of the day: “Closure”  - Gerald Levert
CD of the day : “G Spot”