You Can Do Better

We’ve all been in situations be it job, home, or with loved ones where we think to ourselves “Why am settling for this, there has to be better out there for me?” But, for whatever the reason we don’t go after the better that we know we want and deserve.

I recently found myself in one of those situations, and as the event was going on all I kept saying to myself was “I can do better”. So, in that moment I stopped saying “I can do better” and started doing better. I took action. I made the choice to have better, and made decisions that would lead me to the better that I desired.

What I noticed was in that moment that I made that declaration I felt empowered, and seem to shed whatever it was that made me settle for the situation in the first place. In the next breath I had to ask myself “What was I thinking?” Although that was really unimportant, because all that really mattered was that I could see what was better for me, and I had the courage to do what needed to be done.Throughout our lives there have and will continue to be moments when the light comes on and a change is made. It’s a moment that won’t come any faster than when we’re ready for it to come and accept the changes that are necessary. 

No matter how much our friends and family try to tell us that we need to make a change in our lives, that change won’t come until we are personally ready for all that comes with that change. But, the moment won’t come until we are tired enough of the old, and we know in our hearts we want and can do better.

Do you know you can do better? 

Love and blessings in divine order, 


Song of the day: “I Will Survive” -     Gloria Gaynor 

CD of the day: “I Will Survive: The Anthology”- Gloria Gaynor