We Need Each Other

Although born alone, and in most cases we die alone the real truth is that we need each others to live.  Every person has a purpose, something that they bring to the table. 

The thing that we need most from each other is love. Love, Companionship, Communication, Attention, and Affection. We can act like we can get by without them, but again we need each other, some more than others, for one reason or another. So, with that said why don’t we honor our relationships more? Why do we take them for granted? For that matter why do we take for granted the person bagging our groceries, or the waitress serving our food - people we need?   Remember, we all make this planet work in our own way. 

I hear people talking about what they want, but what is it that they give?  I know what I need in my relationships, and for that reason I try to give the same, as well as being conscience of the needs of others. I try to surround myself with like-minded people, especially my partner.  I know that I must communicate my needs, and I want the people in my life to communicate their needs to me. I want to do my best to make them happy, as I hope they want to do the same for me.  As they say, “close mouths don’t get feed”, and I make sure I am never hungry. ☺ 

So, speak up, and take action.  If you know you are affectionate don’t keep trying to be with someone who can’t stand to touch. If you like adventure, then you and a Couch Potato are probably goingto have a few issues . Why be unhappy, and it is unfair to want anyone to change for you.  Love is accepting someone for who they are. There is someone out there who likes to touch, and do all the things you like to do.  There are over 6 Billion people in the world which means 10% of them are just right for you. 

If the two of you use to like the same thing, then it is time to communicate, and find out what how to get the spark back.  We weren’t meant to be alone. We need each other. 

Love and blessings in divine order, 


Song on the day:   “We Both Need Each Other”   -  Norman Connors