Moving Past the Pain

We all know pain that comes from a disappointing situation or aloss. It’s easy to let that pain get the best of you which can show itself in many different ways such as depression, not wanting to get out of bed, drinking, over eating and sometimes drugs. It’s natural to have sad moments. Everyone needs a moment to mourn a loss of any kind, but the trick is to not stay there feeling sorry for yourself.  It’s in those times that you must not just search inside for your faith but your understanding of what is really going on with you.   

You need to ask yourself real questions like…

What is it that is really hurting me?  

What canI do to turn the situation around for myself? 

What is the path that I need to take to healing myself? 

What are the things that if only for a short moment can bring me joy while I am in this valley? 

It’s in this time of self-examination that helps you to not only grow, but to move forward and help you to heal the wounds. Valleys are apart of life,. They are just moments in time. They are not who you are or how your life has to be.  They do not define you.

Are you moving past the pain???

Love and blessings in divine order, 


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