Baby Mama , and Baby Daddy

Almost all of us at one point or another has or will be with someone who has children. With that child comes another parent. It’s usually an awkward relationship a parent trying to balance what was with what is, and the person they’re with not always understanding that they have become apart of an existing family. Because, whether two people are together or not, when they have a child they will always be family. 

What is real, is we all have families, mothers, father’s, brother’s, sister’s and children. When we go into a relationship we have to remember that we are not just in a relationship with that person, but the people in their life. Just as we extend ourselves to have good relationships with the children, mother, father, sister, and brother we should extend ourselves to having a good relationship with the other parent of their child. 

Some may say he or she is this or that. No one is saying that you have to be the best of friends, but nowhere is it written that you have to be enemies.  Now, it’s one thing if you know they are not nice to your child or you know they are doing something that you don’t approve of. But, a lot of time that isn’t the case it’s just people being funky because for some reason they think they’re suppose to. 

The world is in an interesting place we have more single parents than ever before. Our children need to see kindness to learn how to give it. I am always saddened when I see or hear a woman not wanting her child to see their father because she doesn’t like the new wife or girlfriend, or a man not wanting another man coming to their house to pick up a child.  All that is,  is unnecessary pride. Just like a parent saying unkind things about the other parent in front of or to a child. There simply is no need. There is enough negativity in the world a child shouldn't have to hear it at home. 


When a relationship with the parents is over. All you can do is wish the other person well, and want the healthiest relationship possible for your children. If your “Ex” is with someone who loves and cares for your child–it is a blessings. There is no need to be jealous, you can never be replaced. Your child is reaching the blessing of not living out a Cinderella nightmare with an evil stepparent, but has another person who loves and cares about them. 

Are you loving your extended family?

Love and blessings in divine order, 


Song of the day:“Family”- Dreamgirls (Original Broadway Cast Album - 1982)