Ignorance Isn't Always Bliss

As much as we want to believe that the world has changed it seems like more and more we see that things are very much the same. 


I don’t know what makes us fear one another just because we might look a little different, or believe in something different. At the end of the day, we have more in common than we have different. Blood flows through each of our veins, hair grows from our heads, we each have parents and some have children. But, the thing that we all truly share is our desire to have happy and prosperous lives. We each desire to love and be loved.

There is nothing wrong with acknowledging that difference that we each possess, but there is something wrong with hatred and harm in the name of that difference. Yes, we are different, but it is only an issue because we choose to hold onto fear , old ways of thinking,  and our make those differences matter.

The Bible, The Qur’an, and The Tao all preach love. Whether we see ourselves as different or not, the core of what these books teaches is the same. If you claim to live by one of these books, than hate and harm should be the furthest from your mind.  No matter what our beliefs we should each work to demonstrate love, and educate ourselves about the things we fear so that our words and actions are loving and not hurtful.

Are you allowing the differences to get in your way??

Love and blessings in divine order,

Song of the day: “Why Can't We Be Friends” - War
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