More Love To Give

I hear people speak of their Ex’s. Not always in the kindest terms, and I wonder how it is that they can say “I use to love someone”. If you ever really loved someone do you stop loving him or her?

How can you deliberately hurt someone you say that you loved? How can you speak ill of someone you say that you loved? How can you not wish only the best for someone you say you loved? But most of all how can people say they use to love someone?

If you love someone you should still love them, and want only the best for him or her, whether you are still with them or not–because you love them. All relationships grow and change. Sometimes we grow together, and sometimes we grow apart. You can still love someone, and no longer love being with them. Sometimes we confuse the action with the feelings or emotion. Just because someone has hurt your feelings doesn’t mean they don’t love you, it means that they were thoughtless in their words or behavior towards you. From that you have to decide whether you can forgive and move forward, or forgive and move on. But, it doesn’t mean that you stopped loving them

I still speak with the men I’ve dated. I still care about them, and they still care about me. We just aren’t together anymore. I wish them well in their lives, and I hope that they wish the same for me. I am able to move forward in my life without regret because I know that I have loved, and I have more than enough love give.

Do you have more love to give??

Love and Blessing in divine order,


Song of the day: “ Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” – Roberta Flack

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