Living In The Moment

Recently I was watching atelevision show , and there was a scene where a woman tells a man they should stay friends because she wouldn’t want to lose his friendship if thing don’t work out. 

So, I ask the question, Why do we always look for and expect the worst?  Why can’t we live in the moment, and take things as they come? Why do we worry so much about the future?

In relationships I think that we spend more time making them wrong, than making them right. We spend our time trying to figure out where the relationship is going, how the other person will respond to something that we say or do, and who they were with or might still be with. All of this wondering and worrying when we should be living in the moment and appreciating and enjoying the other persons company.  

Relationships of any kind don’t have warranties or guaranties.  There is no guide to know how long a relationship is going to last.  The same person that you thought you couldn’t live without could be the same person that you can’t stand to be around a year later. Every person comes into our lives for a reason, and a season.  It is important to be with the right person in the first place, and not to settle for who is not right for you or try to be someone that you’re not to just not be alone.  Find ways to make each other happy, and enjoy each others company in the now instead of letting all the other stuff get in the way. 

Are you living in the moment?

Love and blessings in divine order,